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Why Choose Auburn Thrifty Wash?



Auburn Thrifty Wash offers a convenient drop-off laundry service, making it simple and quick for you to get your laundry done without any hassle!



Our team of experienced professionals uses only high-quality products and equipment to ensure that your clothes are cleaned and treated with the utmost care and attention.



We offer competitive pricing for our laundry services, with discounts and special deals available for our regular customers. With Auburn Thrifty Wash, you can get the quality laundry service you deserve at an affordable price!


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Why spend your weekends doing laundry? Treat yourself to some well-deserved leisure time. Let us handle your laundry while you relax and engage in enjoyable activities.


Premium Laundry Services at Thrifty Prices 💲

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

Reliable, High-Quality Next-Day Laundry Services!

Need It Fast? Try Our High-Quality Same-Day Laundry Service!

  • Scheduled Ease – Drop off your laundry and pick it up the next day, streamlining your laundry routine.
  • Cost-Effective – Benefit from our competitive pricing for next-day service.
  • Stress-Free – No more worrying about laundry piling up, we handle it for you.
  • Customizable – Select your preferred laundry preferences and service add-ons to meet your specific needs.
  • Immediate Convenience* – Drop off and pick up your laundry on the same day, perfect for those in a hurry.
  • Cost-Effective – Take advantage of our competitive pricing for same-day service.
  • Hassle-Free – Get your laundry done in a day, no more waiting.
  • Customizable – Choose your preferred laundry preferences and service add-ons to meet your urgent needs.

*Subject to attendant availability

Individually Priced Items

  • Blankets (Twin) $20.00
  • Blankets (Double/Queen) $30.00
  • Blankets (King) $40.00
  • Comforters or Quilts (Twin) $20.00 (Regular) / $25.00 (Heavy)
  • Comforters or Quilts (Double/Queen) $30.00 (Regular) / $35.00 (Heavy)
  • Comforters or Quilts (King) $40.00 (Regular) / $45.00 (Heavy)
  • Down Comforter (Twin) $35.00
  • Down Comforter (Double/Queen) $40.00
  • Down Comforter (King) $50.00
  • Pillows (Twin) $17.50 (Polyester) / $25.00 (Down)
  • Pillows (Queen) $20.00 (Polyester) / $30.00 (Down)
  • Pillows (King) $25.00 (Polyester) / $35.00 (Down)
  • Mattress Covers (Twin/Full/Double) $20.00
  • Mattress Covers (Queen/King) $30.00
  • Sleeping Bags (Lite weight/Poly) $30.00
  • Sleeping Bags (Medium Weight) $35.00
  • Sleeping Bags (Heavy/Flannel/Canvas) $45.00
  • Rugs (Cotton Mat) $17.50
  • Rugs (Small 3x5) $20.00
  • Rugs (Medium 4x6) $25.00
  • Rugs (Large/Runner) $35.00
  • Rugs (Rubber Backing) Add $5.00


Let Auburn Thrifty Wash Save You Time

Serving the 📍 communities of Greater Auburn, CA!

Auburn Thrifty Wash is your ultimate solution for all your laundry needs! If you're pressed for time or simply want to avoid the hassle of doing laundry, our drop-off service is perfect for you. Just bring your laundry to us and our friendly attendants will take care of the rest. We offer a comprehensive wash and fold service, ensuring your clothes are cleaned, dried, and neatly folded. With Auburn Thrifty Wash, you can enjoy the convenience of professional laundry service without leaving your daily routine. Drop off your laundry with us and pick it up fresh and ready to wear!

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Have Questions? We've Got Answers...


What are your wash and fold hours?

You can drop off your wash and fold at any time.

Do you use a good detergent when you wash my clothes?

Yes, we use only premium detergents.

How much does wash and fold cost?

$1.75/lbs. for next day service. $2.50/lbs. for same day service.

Will you hang my clothes?

We will hang clothes upon request. There is a $.25 charge per hanger.

Do you wash my clothes with other clothes?

No. We always keep our customers laundry separate from one another.


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Leave the laundry to us. Simply drop off your items at our location and we'll wash, dry, and fold them to perfection. Your freshly laundered clothes will be ready for pick up when you need them.