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Commercial Laundry Service

Do you own or run a commercial business in Auburn CA that generates dirty laundry? Do you do that laundry yourself? Do you pay an employee to do that laundry? Do you pay utilities and maintenance fees to keep your washer and dryer going? If you use our commercial laundry service, you can eliminate all of that hassle. 

Auburn Thrifty Wash will wash, dry and fold that laundry for you. We use only premium products when we wash commercial laundry and we will launder everything according to your instructions. So save yourself some time and headaches and try our commercial laundry service for your business.

Commercial laundry service cost depends on how much laundry you generate, how often you require our service, and what type of laundry it is.Call for a bid: (530) 889-9274 or email:

Uniform Laundry Service

Do your employees wear uniforms? Keep your employees looking in tip top shape by using our uniform laundry service. We will be able to make your uniforms look clean and professional. We have industrial sized machines that are equipped to handle large loads. They are also great at getting out challenging stains.

Our uniform cleaning service will come to your location and pick up your laundry. (We will take more than just uniforms if you have other items that need to be laundered.) We take your laundry back to our laundromat and wash your clothes and uniforms according to your specifications. Our uniform laundry service in Auburn CA is run by long term launderers that know how to get your uniforms clean. 

Airbnb Laundry Service

The upkeep of a vacation rental takes a lot of time. Whether it’s an Airbnb, VRBO, Home Away or other Vacation Rental in Auburn CA laundry needs to get done. Laundry is probably the most time-consuming of all your tasks, and if you don't have enough time in the day to get everything done, let us help. Our Airbnb laundry service will come to your location (multiple locations if you have more than one) and pick up your laundry. We will wash and dry it for you and return it before your next guests arrive. We will even do the laundry for your guests. Scratch at least one task off your to-do list and let us take care of your Airbnb laundry.

Restaurants Laundry Service

When there is food involved things are going to get messy. It is the nature of the business. So, if you have linen napkins to wash, tablecloths to launder, even mop heads to maintain, we can do that for you. Our restaurant laundry service will wash, dry and fold whatever you need laundered. We will do uniforms and aprons and behind the scenes items like grill towels and mop heads. We know the food industry is a messy business and our restaurant laundry and linen service will help with the cleanup.

Medical Linen Service

The medical industry has an obligation to provide the cleanest environment possible. This extends to the sheets on the hospital beds, the jackets of the doctors and the uniforms of the nurses. That is a lot of laundry to maintain. Our medical linen service is up to the task. Our launderers take great pride in getting your laundry clean, so entrust us with all your healthcare laundry, and we promise not to disappoint.

Commercial Laundry Services for Schools and After School Programs

School uniforms, sports uniforms, and other uniforms used for all those extra curricular activities - there’s a lot of uniforms that are going to get dirty by kids being kids. Our student laundry service can take care of those for you.