Drop Off Laundry Service – Wash and Fold

No time to do laundry? That's ok, we can do it for you. Just come by our laundromat and use our drop off laundry service near Auburn. Leave your laundry with one of our attendants and we will take it from there. We will wash and dry your clothes for you and have them ready for you to pick up the very next day. If you want your clothes washed a certain way, just let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

How much is your time worth? You will save so much time using this wash and fold service, it will be worth every penny. It is only $1.75/lbs. for next day service. It is $2.50/lbs. if you want same day service. **Subject to attendant availability

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

Individually Priced Items

  • Blankets (Twin) $20.00
  • Blankets (Double/Queen) $30.00
  • Blankets (King) $40.00
  • Comforters or Quilts (Twin) $20.00 (Regular) / $25.00 (Heavy)
  • Comforters or Quilts (Double/Queen) $30.00 (Regular) / $35.00 (Heavy)
  • Comforters or Quilts (King) $40.00 (Regular) / $45.00 (Heavy)
  • Down Comforter (Twin) $35.00
  • Down Comforter (Double/Queen) $40.00
  • Down Comforter (King) $50.00
  • Pillows (Twin) $17.50 (Polyester) / $25.00 (Down)
  • Pillows (Queen) $20.00 (Polyester) / $30.00 (Down)
  • Pillows (King) $25.00 (Polyester) / $35.00 (Down)
  • Mattress Covers (Twin/Full/Double) $20.00
  • Mattress Covers (Queen/King) $30.00
  • Sleeping Bags (Lite weight/Poly) $30.00
  • Sleeping Bags (Medium Weight) $35.00
  • Sleeping Bags (Heavy/Flannel/Canvas) $45.00
  • Rugs (Cotton Mat) $17.50
  • Rugs (Small 3x5) $20.00
  • Rugs (Medium 4x6) $25.00
  • Rugs (Large/Runner) $35.00
  • Rugs (Rubber Backing) Add $5.00

Try our drop off laundry near Auburn and spend the rest of the day doing something you want to do rather then doing something you have to do.